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viciousthoughts's Journal

Theo Nott
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Full Name: Theodore Nicomedes Nott

Birthdate: November 14th, 1980

House: Slytherin

Year Level: Now alumni (trio age)

Physical Description: Only about 5'10", Theo has dark eyes and longish dark hair, usually worn somewhat unkempt. His skin has olive tones to it from his Greek ancestry.

Personality: An extreme misogynist with a degree of paranoia, Theo doesn't trust women or Muggles at all. He is friendly to his peers and his superiours, but dislikes intensely having to deal with women who do legitimately hold power over him. He is a bit adventurous.

Bloodline: Pureblood. Both parents are English, although his grandparents on his father's side are Greek.

Background / Family History: Theo's mother left his father at a young age, fueling his father's misogynist streak, and providing (years of daily rants will do that to you) him with one of his own. He is able to remain civil in conversation with women, but is patronising. He is no longer in contact with his mother. His father is a death eater; Theo fully plans to become one himself, and is merely awaiting his opportunity to serve his lord.

Interests / Hobbies: Muggles, the Dark Lord, boys, Slytherin, snakes (take that any way you like, perverts), foreign languages, transfiguration.

Strengths and weaknesses:
Intellectual rigor, strength of his convictions, charming when needed, very talented at Transfigurations.

Misogyny, borderline paranoia regarding Muggles, some degree of egoism.

Disclaimer: This is a character for the Kelly Street RPG. I do not own or profit from him. JK Rowling owns all the rights. The icons are of Norman Reedus, and I do not own any rights associated with his likeness.